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  • John Platzer

Trade For Eichel? NHL Fans Say No!

In 2015, the Buffalo Sabres selected Jack Eichel with the second overall pick in the annual NHL Entry /Draft. There was a lot of hype surrounding Eichel. In just about any other year, Eichel would have been the first overall pick as his talent level and NHL projections were the best of any player selected since his current teammate Taylor Hall was taken first overall in 2010.

There happened to be another player in Jack's draft year who was labeled as the next generational talent, read: the next Howe, Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby/Ovechkin. As I'm sure you know, that player was Connor McDavid and he is living up to the hype. None of that diminishes the game changing ability that Eichel showed he could bring to a team.

Jeff Skinner

In Eichel's fourth season he broke the point per game barrier with 82 points in 77 games while

assisting Jeff Skinner to a career high 40 goals. Carolina gave Skinner to Buffalo for comparatively nothing. Surely they felt a bit of a sting from his success that season but not nearly as much as the sting, or should I say physical, vomit inducing pain, which Buffalo felt that same year for giving away O'Reilly.

Ralph Krueger

Still no playoffs but at least the Sabres finally found the guy who supposedly would be permanently playing on Eichel's left side. Or not. Enter head coach Ralph Krueger who promptly separated the pair in favor of rookie Victor Oloffson with his super slapper and wicked wrister.

Jack played in 68 of the 69 games in that shortened season and for the first time scored over 30 goals with a total of 36. Eichel would easily have toppled the 40 goal mark had the season been a regular 82 games.

Great for Jack. He is definitely fulfilling the star quality promise that had been projected for him. Five years down though and still no playoffs. The game changer projection had not yet come to fruition. By NHL standards, Eichel will be in his prime for another five years. Typically, the drop off in play for an NHL player begins at the age of 28. Eichel is 24.

Taylor "Annie" Hall

That brings us to the current Season. Once again, Eichel has a new linemate on his left. Former league MVP and left winger Taylor Hall joined the Sabres on a one year deal. For a team that had missed the playoffs for nine years running despite having a star like Eichel, the news of Hall's signing was that of wildest dreams coming true. Easily the biggest free agent signing in Buffalo Sabres history. Jack and Taylor playing on a line together was fantasy fulfillment to a Sabres fan.

Eight games into the season, Hall is removed from Eichel's line.

As Cliff Clavin would say, what's up with that? Why is Sam Reinhart, Jack's right winger, the only player who seems to fit in with him? At what point does one start looking at Jack? As things stand right now, the Sabres are not playing consistent enough hockey to get to the playoffs.

The promise that Jack has fulfilled so far is great but it's only been great for Jack. He makes a lot of money and his stats are excellent. The Sabres are not excellent. They suck. However, no one wants to do as much as glance Jack's way about it because of the "where would be without him" fear.

The Buffalo fans have their star and they don't want to lose him. Developing and/or acquiring talent on the level of Jack Eichel is a coveted rarity and, historically, the Sabres haven't had much success in that department. Now that they have their guy, they do not want to let go but if they had to, what might they get?

At the very least, Buffalo would need to get a nearly as talented player in return, right? Another attempt at a rebuild would be gut wrenching for the fans. So I did a little experiment to see if fans of other teams would give up their own slightly lesser talented center for Eichel in a straight up trade. Here are the results.


#1 Washington Capitals Fans

Florida Panthers Official Fan Group

Edmonton Oilers Fans

Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Unite

Boston Bruins

NY Rangers

Some of these players are stars who, being in their mid 30s, are way past their prime. Others are good top line centers but not none with the pedigree of Eichel, except for maybe Draisaitl. Fans weren't having it though. They absolutely roasted me for even making the hypothetical suggestion with the most frequent response being, "Are you high?"

Nobody wants Eichel, at least when it comes to the fans. I was going to do this with more teams but when Rangers fans chose Zib over Jack, I decided I'd seen enough. I'd grade Zib as a mid tier top liner. He's a good talent but nowhere near Eichel. Seems that only fans with a low bottom tier #1 center would pull the trigger, maybe.

Why though? Jack, when at his best is better than almost anyone and with several years of prime playing left to go. How is it that fans aren't aware of this? The answer is they are aware of it but there is more to it than that. One comment from a Boston fan has resonated with me. Keep in mind, Boston is Jack's hometown. The fan wrote one sentence, "It's all about the intangibles."

Is he right? Or, are fans blindly loyal to their top guy? I put some of these same polls on the Sabres Mafia fan site. The results were exactly the opposite (although the roasting I received was identical) even for Draisaitl who is last year's Hart Trophy winner. Sabres fans would not trade Eichel for any of the players shown above and they thought I was out of my mind for even suggesting it.

Yet, Eichel doesn't win and can't keep a linemate. Making things worse, Jack only has two goals this season. This is where the fans unravel. Is Jack really the guy who can lead a team to the promised land? Some say yes and his woes are everyone else's fault. The rest of the fans across the league believe Eichel is poison. To those of you who participated with your vote, thank you. To those of you who said some terrible, awful things about me for suggesting the Eichel trade on your site, I love you too. <3

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